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  • Cigars 101: Wrappers

    There’s more to a wrapper than meets the eye. The first things we notice about a premium handmade cigar are its band and its wrapper. The way a cigar looks entices us- cigar-makers fixate on a cigar’s color and texture when they create a blend. The wrapper is the most expensive part of a cigar because it must look perfect, but beyond that it can represent sixty to eighty percent of the flavor. Because of this cigar-makers are especially picky when choosing the wrapper for a blend. Here’s an overview of cigar wrappers and how they are classified.

  • National Cigar Day: Ralph's Favorite Smokes

    As we gear up for what we think is the greatest holiday of the year (National Cigar Day, on February 27) we think it's a great time to go back to the beginning, and reach out for some recommendations straight from the man himself, to you. If you’re looking for a set of cigars sure to please, with a profile that inspired all of our house blends and flavored cigars, check out Ralphs favorite picks for National Cigar day.
  • President's Day Cigars

    In the annals of American history, the aroma of cigar smoke has often mingled with the corridors of power, tracing back to the nation's earliest days.On this Presidents Day, let’s take a look at the mark that cigars have left on the presidential landscape.
  • Cigars 101: Country of Origin

    Cigars, steeped in tradition and craftsmanship, hail from diverse corners of the world, each contributing unique flavors and characteristics to the aficionado's palate. One of the most defining reasons for a cigars flavor and profile is the country of origin- that place the tobacco calls home. 

  • Paczki Day Chicago

    Every year, on the Tuesday before Lent begins, the city of Chicago comes alive with the celebration of Paczki Day. This Polish tradition has become a beloved event in the city, drawing locals and tourists alike to indulge in these delectable treats. But what exactly is Paczki Day and why is it so special in Chicago?
  • Staff Smokes: Super Bowl LVIII

    We are ready to celebrate the Super Bowl in style here in Ralphs, and for us that means a favorite comfort stick and a nice drink to pair it with. Come on over this Sunday and join us for a great game, great food, and even greater cigars.

  • Lunar New Year 2024 with Punch Cigars

    SHOP: Lunar New Year Sampler   Here at Ralphs, we love nothing more than a chance to celebrate- which is why it’s so great that we get to celebrat...
  • Cigars 101: Types of Cuts

    When it comes to your cigar, the first thing you are likely to experience are the different types of cuts. Straight cutters are the most common. But what else is there? How does the experience of smoking change depending on the cut? Let’s dive into the difference your cut can make.
  • Cigar Pairings: Chocolate and Wine

    As Valentine’s day approaches, we at Ralphs have decided to switch up our usual pairing for something a bit more unusual, but no less delicious. Nothing says a day of love like chocolate and wine, and when you throw cigars in the mix? It gets that much better. We want to give you some options for fantastic pairings, and that means walking you through some cigars with natural notes of cocoa and chocolate, and perhaps some dark fruit that complement all manner of the most romantic of drinks.
  • Rocky Patel Dark Star

    Another new arrival to Ralph’s, the Dark Star by Rocky Patel is a treat for the senses- not only in its flavor but in its presentation. Enveloped in a rich Honduran Corojo wrapper, its flawless construction and dark, glistening appearance captivate between a white stylized band and classy oak box.
  • Around the World with CAO Cigars

    The jungles of the Amazon. The mountains of Columbia. The beaches of Brazil and the harsh volcanoes of Nicaragua. Wherever exceptional tobacco is grown, CAO will find it, and go to grow their own. They have gone around the world for the rarest and finest of tobacco, but their heart and soul, like that of tobacco itself, lies in the Americas. Here at Ralph’s, we celebrate their commitment to bringing you a taste of all that cigars have to offer. 
  • Exploring Chicago: Cigar Edition

    To celebrate Chicago Restaurant Week, we wanted to acknowledge all of the wonderful neighborhoods that make our city so great! Whether you're trekking around the north side, the south side, or somewhere in between– there's no shortage of amazing food and fun things to do. Explore Chicago's neighborhoods with us!