Drymistat Humidifier

Drymistat Humidifier

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"The DryMistat® fits easily into any humidor or storage container. It's two-way humidification system maintains 70% relative humidity at all times. This keeps cigars in perfect storing & aging condition. The humidifiers are absolutely leak proof.

How it works: Crystal filled plastic tubes allow humidity to escape through micro pores while holding water inside. The crystals will shrink slowly as water evaporates over time. Simply refill the tube with distilled water to recharge them."

*Sold individually, 1 DryMistat for $9.98


**You must be 21 years or older to purchase this product.

Easy to Use!

  1. Some water evaporation may have occurred while DryMistat was sitting on the store shelf.
  2. Break perforated safety seal on caps. Remove solid cap from tube and discard it.
  3. Install the perforated Cap on the Tube.
  4. If the crystals are above the ‘Fill Line’ start using it right away. (If below the 'Fill Line', follow Refilling instructions)

Refilling Instructions: Typically this occurs between 2 and 12 weeks, depending on the humidification demands, (how many cigars, how large the humidor, the ambient environment, etc., etc).

  1. When the crystals fall below the 'Fill Line’ (and are above the ‘Time to Add Water Line’), it’s time to add water.
  2. Remove the perforated cap. Stand vertically and add water to the 'Fill Line'.
  3. Put the perforated cap back on the tube. Wait 3 to 5 minutes for the Crystals to re-absorb the water and swell to fill the balance of the space in the tube.

Placing the DryMistat in Your Humidor:

Position the Drymistat near the middle of the humidor between two cigars. If your humidor is large, or you filled it with lots of cigars, or you merely don’t want to be bothered to fill Drymistat as frequently; you can use more than one. Make sure you have spaced them evenly throughout your humidor. Liquid will not leak onto your cigars regardless of where they’re placed. Allow a few days to achieve a stable 68% to 72% relative humidity.