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🍓 Buy 5 Infused Cigars Priced at $8.98 or More, Get a Strawberry Cognac (5x50 size) FREE!

🍓 Buy 5 Infused Cigars at $13.50 or More, Get a Strawberry Cognac (6x60 or 5x65 size) FREE!

Available in store and online, while supplies last. Limited to 1 per customer.

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Memorial Day 5-Pack Sampler

Make this a Memorial Day to remember with Ralph's 5-Pack Sampler! This pack is perfect for sharing with friends and includes a mixture of our infused and non-infused house blend cigars. Enjoy two of our best-selling fruit flavors, Cherry Cognac and Blueberry Cognac 🫐 Not feeling flavored? Try our Pure Cognac Middle Finger or Barber Pole Torpedo House blend for something rich and smooth. No matter what you're in the mood to smoke, this pack has you covered 😎


1 - Blueberry Cognac (6x60)

1 - Cherry Cognac (6x60)

1 - House Blend Barber Pole Torpedo (6x50)

1 - Ralph's Sweet Tip Churchill (7x50)

1 - Pure Cognac Middle Finger (6x50)

Price: $40

In store and online, while supplies last!


Deadwood Ladies 3-Pack

10% OFF! Originally $33, Now Only $30!

As a fairly new cigar line on the scene– these "tasty bitches" have definitely made a splash! A staff and customer favorite, these beauties are rolled with rich aromatic tobaccos and finished with a sweet cap for the ultimate flavor-fueled smoking experience. In store and online, while supplies last.

• Sweet Jane is a blend of complex flavors including dark notes of chocolate, earthy tones, a hint of black pepper, and a touch of baking spice.

• Crazy Alice is mild to medium bodied with flavor nuances of Cuban coffee fused with an incense-like spice aroma.

 Leather Rose has a flavor profile that includes woody, toasty, and spicy flavors with hints of chocolate and vanilla.


1 - Deadwood Sweet Jane (5x46)

1 - Deadwood Crazy Alice (4x52)

1 - Deadwood Leather Rose Petite (4x43)

Great sizes for a quick lunch break or on-the-go!


Originally $42, Now Only $35!
New brand in the shop! Sancho Panza cigars 🔥 After smoking their Extra Chido– we fell in love. If you haven't had a chance to sample Sancho Panza cigars, now is your chance! This pack features all four of their lines and it's 15% off so you can try them all.

1 - Extra Chido Robusto (5x50)

1 - Original Sancho Panza Toro (6.5x52)

1 - Extra Fuerte (6x60)

1 - Double Maduro (6x60)


10% OFF! Originally $49.50, Now Only $44.98!

If you're interested in trying unique and exotic tobaccos– look no further than CAO. A company known for experimental blends and techniques to create cigars unlike any other on the market. 

The CAO Amazon Basin tastes as exotic as the tropical rainforest from which it originated. Grown in a remote region in the Amazon Rainforest, Amazon Basin uses a rare tobacco called Bragança that is organically grown on unspoiled tropical land and only harvested once every three years. This Bragança leaf is masterfully blended with tobaccos from five different countries, giving you a smoking experience unlike any other.

The CAO Firewalker features a rare chincagre tobacco– the result of a traditional Nicaraguan technique that buries the leaf beneath the hot, volcanic soils to ferment. It's then paired with Nicaraguan Masatape filler, Ecuadorian Habano binder, and finished with an exquisite Honduran Corojo wrapper.

The CAO Mortal Coil features andullo tobacco, a relatively rare, centuries-old technique that involves taking cured tobacco leaves and tightly coiling them in palm tree pods called “yaguas” to ferment. This process yields a dark, leathery tobacco with a taste profile that is both strong and sweet. CAO Mortal Coil blends this rare tobacco inside a USA Broadleaf wrapper for a unique cigar that’s uncommonly flavorful.


1 - CAO Amazon Basin (6x52)

1 - CAO Firewalker (6.5x56)

1 - CAO Mortal Coil (6x50)

5 Mild to Medium Strength Cigars for $40! Great smokes for the golf course! ⛳️

There's nothing like a relaxing day of golf with a cigar in hand 😌 But choosing a cigar for the course isn't as simple as you think. Smoking something too strong could knock you off your game– and the length of time for your cigar is just as important! But you don't need to worry about that because we've put together a selection of sticks that will have you happily puffing on a full 18! ⛳️

These cigars are well-constructed, balanced in flavor, and mild to medium in strength so you can relax and focus on your swing! 🏌️‍♂️


1 - New! Punch Knuckle Buster Shade Toro (6x52)

1 - EP Carrillo New Wave (6x60)

1 - JC Newman Brick House Connecticut (7x50)

1 - PDR 1978 Natural Churchill (7x54)

1 - Aged! Cuban Stock Vintage Connecticut Churchill (7x52)

1 - Free Ralph's Cigars Divot Tool & Bottle Opener

Price: $39.98


Price: $29.98 

To celebrate Chicago Restaurant week, we wanted to acknowledge all of the wonderful neighborhoods that make our city so great! Whether you're trekking around the north side, the south side, or somewhere in between– there's no shortage of amazing food and fun things to do. Explore Chicago's neighborhoods with our new 3-pack samplers! Each pack includes a cigar that represents one of the many neighborhoods that make Chicago such an amazing city to live in!

*Read more about the blends and their corresponding neighborhoods in our blog post, Exploring Chicago: Cigar Edition

South Side 3-Pack

1 - Pilsen: Carloni Special Edition (6.25x50)

1 - Chinatown: Punch Egg Roll (4.5x50)

1 - New City/Back of the Yards: Kentucky Fire Cured Toro (6x52)

North Side 3-Pack

1 - Lakeview: Dominican Big League Habano (6x60)

1 - Lincoln Square: Quesada Oktoberfest (6x60)

1 - Goose Island: Drew Estate Blackened M81 Corona Doble (7x50) 

West Side 3-Pack

1 - Little Italy: Fratello (6x60)

1 - Humboldt Park: Marrero Bellartes (5.75x54)

1 - Ukrainian Village: Falto El Procer (6x48)


Macanudo Inspirado 3-Pack Sampler + Free Ralph's Cigars Cutter

Price: $29.98

Be inspired in the New Year with Ralph's Macanudo Inspirado 3-Pack Sampler! The Inspirado series is one of our favorites from Macanudo for it's variety of exotic tobaccos like Brazilian Arapiraca, Nicaraguan Ometepe, and Honduran Jamastran. Complex and flavor-forward, these award-winning blends deserve a spot in everyone's humidor. Read more about the individual blends below!


1 - Macanudo Inspirado Green Churchill (7x50) Rated 91 Points, Cigar Aficionado

1 - Macanudo Inspirado Red Gigante (6x60) Rated 91 Points, Cigar Snob

1 - Macanudo Inspirado Orange Robusto (5x50)  Rated 93 Points, Cigar Aficionado

1 - Free Ralph's Cigars Perfect Cutter

 Read More About the Blends Here



Drew Estate Herrera Esteli 7-Pack Sampler

$110 Value! Only $85! Includes a Herrera Esteli Plastic Ashtray

Looking to "wow" someone this holiday season? This Drew Estate Herrera Esteli 7-pack sampler comes with a free Herrera Esteli branded ashtray! Featuring three highly-rated blends in a Toro (6x52) size so you can sample and savor the nuances of each one, plus a   Herrera Esteli Habano Robusto Grande which was #15 of Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars of 2021!

The Brazilia is wrapped in a dark, plantation grown Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper – a leaf typically used as a binder or in the filler. Applied on top, it provides pronounced floral and earthy flavors. Underneath is a Connecticut Broadleaf binder and long-fillers from Nicaragua. Overall, it’s a medium to full-bodied cigar with flavors of coffee, earth, malt, and dried fruit with a slightly spicy finish.

The Norteno is a full-bodied maduro expression that did just that. Utilizing well-aged filler tobaccos from the Esteli and Jalapa growing regions of Nicaragua, a spicy Honduran binder, and topped with a rich and bold Mexican San Andreas maduro wrapper, Willy hit this out of the park! Herrera Esteli Norteno is full-flavored with notes of chocolate and pepper with hints of nuts and coffee.

The Habano offers   a perfect balance of creamy sweetness and spice, and an even draw for maximum enjoyment. Its dark, oily cover leaf and floral, earthy smoke, with hints of vanilla, cedar wood, and rhubarb, provide an earthy and velvety aroma.

1 - Herrera Esteli Brazilia Lonsdale Deluxe (6x44) 92 Point Rating

2 - Herrera Esteli Norteno Toro (6x52) 90 Point Rating

2 - Herrera Esteli Habano Toro (6x52)

1 - Herrera Esteli Habano Robusto Grande (5.25x52) 93 Point Rating, #15 of Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars of 2021

1 - Herrera Esteli Habano Lonsdale Deluxe (6x44)  93 Point Rating

1 - Herrera Esteli Branded Ashtray FREE

*While supplies last! Limited quantities available.