Te Amo- Loving San Andres Tobacco

Since we’ve been on a bit of a Mexican San Andres kick heading towards Cinco de Mayo, I’ve decided to light up the original San Andres cigar- the aptly named Te Amo Original. We have it in the Magnum, a large and earthy looking stick. It has a classic looking green and white band with its name written out in gold above the slogan, “The Original San Andres Valley Cigar”.

Its wrapper has a satin feel to it, with thin veining and invisible seams. I got some Dunkin Coffee to pair with what I’m assuming will be an earthy, espresso taste. Cutting into it I’m expecting a bold, woodsy taste and the cold draw supports my assumption. But though you can kind of guess a cigar's taste based on its blend- in this case a Mexican San Andres Puro- there are always going to be a few surprises. 

On first light the Te Amo hits strong, nothing but earth and a heavy charred wood taste. Even though Mexican tobacco is known to be strong, it caught me off guard. The strength was paired with an immediate nicotine hit and a surprisingly sweet retrohale. It has a bit of a peppery finish that lingers faintly on the tongue. 

Near the end of the first third and into the second, the sweetness grows a bit, coming out of the retrohale to linger about the main profile. It’s a solid medium-full, and while not a maduro leaf like most San Andres tobacco, it keeps the profile. The charred wood and pepper recede to the traditional Mexican taste that I was expecting. 

The flavor stays big and strong and heavy all the way through, and while there is some variation- like a slight citrus flavor that appears near the end- it stays solid and true to its San Andres roots. The Te Amo was a popular budget cigar back in the day before disappearing for a while, and with its comeback a taste a definite increase in quality and caliber. It is a darker, heavier blend, with a lot of body and thick, almost chewy smoke. The habano leaf gives it a unique taste compared to other San Andres tobacco that give true meaning to the name Te Amo. There is a lot to love about this classic cigar, for sale now at Ralph’s Cigars. 

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