Guinness & Cigar Pairings

Once a year that old Saint Patrick raises his head and lets out the siren song of the Irish. While Guinness and other dark beers certainly satisfy all year round, they are a particular comfort in the cold of late winter, with their thick chocolate taste that fills the belly and fuzzes the brain. The only thing that could make it better? A dark, rich cigar that pairs perfectly. And the only thing that’s better still? Three such cigars, each as good as the last and for sale in one excellent pack at Ralph’s Cigars.

First on the block is the Sinistro Last Cowboy. This cigar is made in Nicaragua with a dark and oily Brazilian wrapper, giving it a rich and bold appearance. With a medium to full body filled with a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican long-filler tobaccos, it is aged to perfection. This blend combines to create a full-bodied smoke with notes of cocoa, leather, and earthy undertones. Its even burn and excellent construction make it a great pairing for a pint of Guinness, with a cocoa and espresso taste only amplifying the drink.

If you are looking for something a touch sweeter, while still keeping a deep, rich chocolate flavor, the next item in our pack is the Chocolate Cognac. It’s a more mild cigar than the Last Cowboy, but its flavor is next level. That sweet cocoa flavor stays perfectly throughout the burn, perfect for pairing with a dark and chocolatey stout like Guinness.

The Liga Privada line is an expertly blended line of cigars that has been extensively workshopped and developed by Drew Estate for a dark, rich flavor and full bodied smoke. The Liga Privada Papas Fritas is a newer edition to the line, and while packed with just as much flavor, with those instantly identifiable notes of black pepper, spice, and dark chocolate, it is a fraction of the price. An excellent budget smoke with all the flavor and body of a premier line, this stalk-cut Habano is filled with Nicaraguan leaf and bound in a Brazilian Mata Fina, for a quicker smoke that still pairs just as well with a cold glass of beer as the other two excellent cigars in the Guinness Pairing Pack

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in style with all of us here at Ralphs, and grab a dark and chocolatey pack to share with your friends- or, if you’re more like us than you’d care to admit, to have all for yourself.

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