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You can never go wrong with a Macanudo! Our Inspirado sampler is the perfect way to try 3 of Macanudo's most popular blends or share them with friends! This pack includes:

(1) Macanudo Inspirado Red Toro (6x50)

(1) Macanudo Inspirado Orange Toro (6x50)

(1) Macanudo Inspirado Green Gigante (6x60)

(1) FREE Punch Cutter!

*If you live in Cook County - You may be subject to additional tax.



Limited Edition: Peach Lemonade Cognac & Limited Edition: Blueberry Lemonade Cognac

Certain flavors are just a match made in heaven! Introducing our Limited Edition: Lemon Blueberry Cognac, a harmonious combination of fresh blueberries, tart lemon, and a splash of cognac - perfect for Summer!

Available in a Sixty (6x60) and Gorilla Finger (5x65)

If you loved the Lemon Blueberry... Then you'll love the Peach Lemonade! This is a long  filler Dominican Maduro infused with the flavors of fresh summer peaches, tart lemonade, and a splash of cognac!

Available in Sixty (6x60) and Gorilla Finger (5x65), while supplies last!

Also available in our Red, White, and Blue Cognac Sampler



Red, White, and Blue Cognac Sampler

Celebrate Fourth of July with Ralph's Red, White, and Blue Cognac 3-Pack! Featuring three limited edition flavors: Mixed Berry Cognac, Peach Lemonade Cognac, and Blueberry Lemonade Cognac. 

Available in a 3-pack of Sixty (6x60)

 Each Pack will contain:

1 - Mixed Berry Cognac (6x60)

1 - Peach Lemonade Cognac (6x60)

1 - Blueberry Lemonade Cognac (6x60)



Drew Estate Undercrown Sampler

Online Exclusive!

Whenever there's a holiday where I might get together with some non-smoking friends... I always like keeping some cigars on hand that I don't mind passing out...

That's where our Drew Estate 5-Pack Sampler comes in! This pack includes:

(1) Undercrown Shade Gran Toro

(1) Undercrown Maduro Gran Toro

(1) Undercrown Sungrown Gran Toro

(1) Factory Smoke Maduro Toro

(1) Factory Smoke Sungrown Toro

Great smokes at a great price! Keep your "good" smokes to yourself ;)



Ralph's Independence Day Pack

Treat yourself this Fourth of July with Ralph's Independence Day Pack - Featuring two of our Non-Infused Sweet Tip cigars, a House Blend Barber Pole, plus two cognac infused cigars of your choice! Comes packaged in a Red, White, and Blue Ralph's Cigars Cup! Only $39.98, while supplies last! 

1 - Ralph's Sweet Tip Connecticut Churchill (7x50)

1 - Ralph's House Blend Barberpole (7x50)

1 - Ralph's Sweet Tip Maduro Robusto (5x50)

1 - Your Choice, Flavored Cognac Cigar (6x60)

Options: Blueberry Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Coconut Coffee, Taffy Apple, or Chocolate Mint

1 - Your Choice, Flavored Cognac Cigar (5x65)

Options: Blueberry Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Coconut Coffee, Taffy Apple, or Chocolate Mint


Seasonal: Mixed Berry Cognac

The Mixed Berry Cognac is back for a limited time. This premium Dominican blend is smooth and mild to medium strength. Infused with the sweet, summery flavors of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries – and of course, a splash of cognac! Available in store and online, while supplies last.

Available in a Sixty (6x60)

Also Available in our Red, White, and Blue Cognac Sampler


This Leaf by Oscar (8 Count) Robusto Sampler includes:

2 - Leaf Connecticut Robusto (5x50)

2 - Leaf Sumatra Robusto (5x50)

2 - Leaf Corojo Robusto (5x50)

2 - Leaf Maduro Robusto (5x50)



Ten cigars for $85?! Yes Please. Our discounted March Madness pack is available in a Mild-Medium selection or Medium-Full selection. Each pack includes 10 cigars of varying sizes, plus a humidity pillow so they stay fresh in transit! 



2 - Asylum Insidious Connecticut (7x64)

2 - Asylum Insidious Maduro (7x64)

1 - Asylum Insidious Connecticut Robusto (5x50)

1 - Asylum Insidious Maduro Toro (6x52)



Drew Estate is one of the top cigar brands for a reason... They are innovators in the cigar industry and truly live up to their name as "The Rebirth of Cigars". This sampler pack features two of their best-selling lines, ACID and Deadwood. If you're a fan of flavored and infused cigars, then this pack deserves to be sitting in your humidor!


1 - ACID Kuba Kuba

1 - ACID Kuba Maduro

1 - ACID Blondie Belicoso

1 - Deadwood Leather Rose Torpedo

1 - Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty Robusto

1 - Deadwood Sweet Jane

1 - Deadwood Crazy Alice

1 - Ralph's Cigars Cosmic Cognac Robusto

1 - Ralph's Cigars Sweet Tip Maduro Robusto

1 - Black ACID Hat, FREE! (One Size)



My Father 6-Pack Sampler

If you search "Top Cigar Brands", guaranteed My Father Cigars will appear at the top of the search results. Father-and-son cigar makers Pepin and Jaime Garcia continue to earn sky-high ratings and awards for their My Father brand, including two ‘# 1 Cigar of the Year’ titles. If you're looking for the perfect Father's Day Gift – This is it. 

Bold, beefy, and spicy profiles underscore a decadent collection.


1 - Flor de las Antillas Sungrown Toro Grande (6x60) 96-rating

1 - Don Pepin Garcia Toro Gordo (6x60) 93-rating

1 - My Father Connecticut Toro (6.5x54) 90-rating

1 - El Centurion Toro Grande (6.5x58) 90-rating

1 - La Gran Oferta Toro Gordo (6x56) 87-rating

1 - Jaime Garcia Toro Gordo (6x60) 90-rating


3 for $20 | Ralph's Cigars | Chicago, IL

3 for $20 Packs

Option 1: 

1 - Ralph's Cigars House Blend Barber Pole Churchill (7x50)

1 - Alec Bradley Project 40 Gordo (6x60)

1 - Chillin' Moose Too Gordo (6x60)


Option 2:

1 - Punch Knuckle Buster Gordo (6x60)

1 - Chillin' Moose Too Gordo (6x60)

1 - Sublime 50 Aniversario Toro (6x50)