The Women who Make Ralphs

As a women-owned company it's always the right time to celebrate our bosses, but there's no better time to celebrate their accomplishments than right now, at the start of women’s history month. 

Ralph's daughter Maddy was born and raised in the cigar industry. You'll often hear customers say "I remember when you were just a toddler running around your Dad's store!" Now she's running the show. It’s a big job, one that usually keeps her pretty busy. But it never stresses her out, because her co-workers and customers always keep it fun, light, and a wonderful home away from home. 

When Maddy's not at the business steering the ship she’ll be playing with her Australian Shepherd, Cocoa. When she has a moment at work or home, she’ll light up a cigar, and maybe share one with Ralph himself. Her favorite cigars are the Kentucky Fire Cured and Herrera Esteli Norteno by Drew Estate, or Arturo Fuente’s Oro Magnum R Super Sixty. 

The Kentucky Fire Cured is a particularly unique smoke that starts with a Mexican San Andres wrapper that is cured over a heavy-smoke fire made from a proprietary blend of wood chips that give a natural infusion of hickory, maple, smoke, and more. 

The Herrera Esteli Norteno is also wrapped in a San Andres leaf, but substitutes the wood taste of the fire cured for a spicy, espresso palate that ends in a subtle cherry sweetness. But the Oro Magnum R by A. Fuente is a great balance to the darker San Andres smokes, with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that leads with an earthy citrus taste. 

If you ever find yourself delighted or intrigued by the voice behind our social media and emails, you’re not alone. Those who have come down to Ralphs at all in the past decade have likely met Kelly, our manager here since 2014. Not only does she love the customers and the work itself, but the sense of peace and belonging that Ralph’s brings- even if it only lasts the length of a cigar. 

When Kelly isn’t managing the socials or running promotions for the shop, she’ll be hanging out with her dog, Thor, watching the newest horror movies or making art. If you asked her for a smoke, she would recommend the LFD N.A.S, the Alec Bradley Gatekeeper, the HVC Edición Especial 2015, or our very own Taffy Apple Cognac Cigar. 

A seasoned smoker, Kelly has showcased her expertise with her love of the LFD N.A.S, a black pepper nicotine bomb that is as spicy as it is strong and not for the faint-of-heart. Or the empty-of-stomach. If she isn’t in the mood for a challenge she’ll smoke the Alec Bradley Gatekeeper, an Ecuadorian Habano with a classic woodsy, nutty taste. For a darker smoke there is always the HVC Edicion Especial 2015, with a similar taste but taken to the next level with a spicy San Andres wrapper. Of course, if she truly wants to relax she’ll go for a Taffy Apple Cognac Cigar, with a sweet Dominican taste that never disappoints.

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