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Sweet-tipped cigars are an increasingly popular alternative to natural smokes that offer a flavorful and vibrant experience. They can elevate your stick without taking away from the rich and complex notes found in natural tobacco. If you haven’t smoked a sweet-tip before, or if you have been avoiding cigars entirely for fear of a harsh or uncomfortable smoke, it may well be worth it to explore a new and innovative avenue.

Sweet-tipped cigars provide a delightful combination of the natural tobacco flavors and a touch of sweetness. The infusion can vary, offering notes of vanilla, chocolate, or other complementary flavors, enticing smokers who seek a more nuanced or appetizing taste. For those new to cigar smoking, sweet-tipped cigars can be an excellent starting point. The added sweetness can make the experience more approachable for beginners who might find traditional cigars overwhelming. Sweet-tipped cigars come in a variety of flavors, allowing smokers to explore different tastes based on their preferences. This versatility does not only attract newcomers, but aficionados looking for a diverse smoking experience.

Our Snowy Sweet Tip Pack contains six deliciously varied cigars, all dipped in a variety of coffee and vanilla for a pack that melds incredibly well with each other or paired with a latte, a rum cocktail, or a dark, cold, beer.

Tabak Dulce is a popular choice for those seeking a harmonious balance between sweetness and complexity. Crafted by Drew Estate, this cigar, which comes in a Toro, features a Connecticut Shade wrapper and a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos. The infusion of coffee and hints of sweetness creates a memorable smoking experience.

Cojimar Vanilla stands out with its smooth, mellow smoke and a subtle infusion of pure Madagascar vanilla. The Dominican fillers and Connecticut wrapper contribute to a well-rounded flavor profile. This Corona sized cigar is favored by those who appreciate a touch of sweetness without overwhelming the natural tobacco notes.

Cojimar Blue Moon offers a unique twist on the vanilla flavors of the previous stick with a dark and oily Mexican San Andres wrapper. The vanilla Robusto is expertly accented with hints of coffee and cream for a deliciously complex smoke.

Fat Bottom Betty, part of the Deadwood series by Drew Estate, is recognized for its bold and sweet character. This cigar features a dark Maduro wrapper and a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos. The infusion of chocolate, coffee, and mellow sweetness in a Robusto cigar creates a memorable and smoking experience.

Ralphs Sweet Tips are our very own foray into the world of sweet tips, distinct from our famous Cognac Infused Cigars, but just as delicious and well made. Blended with the same mild and savory Dominican Tobacco as our infusions as well as a lightly-spiced Nicaraguan leaf two sizes come in the pack, a lengthy Churchill and a quick-to-smoke Petite.

Our Snowy Sweet Tip 6 Pack is a flavorful, delightfully light pack of vanilla and coffee flavored cigars that are an excellent choice for beginners, experts looking to branch out into a whole new type of smoke, and anyone in between interested in a collection of the best flavors tobacco has to offer.

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