Rocky Patel Dark Star

Another new arrival to Ralph’s, the Dark Star by Rocky Patel is a treat for the senses- not only in its flavor but in its presentation. Enveloped in a rich Honduran Corojo wrapper, its flawless construction and dark, glistening appearance captivate between a white stylized band and classy oak box. Its milk-chocolate look hints at the bold and enticing flavors to come once you light up. It is filled with a combination of premium Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Paraguayan fillers, each selected for their complexity and depth. New flavors are unveiled with every draw- tantalizing spice, dark chocolate, bitter espresso and a gentle sweetness from the final hints of dried fruit. The Dark Star offers a veritable symphony of flavors that will keep you engaged and intrigued.

The sweetness of the cigar, which lingers long after the rest of the complex draw has gone, gives the cigar a balanced medium-bodied strength. This is a gorgeous cigar to take your time with, a true testament to Rocky Patel’s skill and experience with tobacco. The Dark Star is an exemplary showcase of their blending expertise and their passion for perfection. Come down to Ralph’s and take yourself on a truly stellar sensory journey.

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