National Cigar Day: Ralph's Favorite Smokes

As we gear up for what we think is the greatest holiday of the year (National Cigar Day, on February 27) we think it's a great time to go back to the beginning, and reach out for some recommendations straight from the man himself, to you. If you’re looking for a set of cigars sure to please, with a profile that inspired all of our house blends and flavored cigars, check out Ralphs favorite picks for National Cigar day.

Romeo y Julieta Vintage
First up is The Romeo y Julieta Vintage, which offers a smooth and creamy smoke with subtle hints of cedar and spice. Its Connecticut wrapper and Dominican fillers provide a well-balanced flavor profile, making it a classic choice for aficionados.
Arturo Fuente Magnum R Rosado Sungrown
The Arturo Fuente Rosado Sungrown delivers a rich and complex experience with notes of pepper, cedar, and cocoa. Its sun-grown wrapper lends a sweet undertone to the smoke, complementing its full-bodied nature. Aged for nearly a decade, this is sure to appeal to those who want a smoother, creamier cigar without sacrificing the flavor of a fuller-bodied stick.
Macanudo Gold Label
Next is The Macanudo Gold Label, known for its mellow and approachable character. Its Connecticut shade wrapper imparts a buttery smoothness, accompanied by hints of nuts and sweet cream, making it a perfect choice for enthusiasts seeking a lighter smoke. Because it only uses leaves from the first and second primings this stick gives an unparalleled sweetness.
 Ashton Classic Double Magnum
The Ashton Classic exudes elegance and sophistication with its creamy texture and subtle flavors of wood, nuts, and a hint of coffee bean sweetness. It’s another mild Connecticut shade that burns with an even touch that you will love to smoke down to the nub. 
Montecristo Churchill
From Montecristo, the Churchill is a bold and robust cigar, offering a complex blend of flavors including earth, leather, and pepper. Its long size allows for a leisurely smoking experience, perfect for savoring its rich taste. It is strong for a Connecticut, verging into a medium smoke, but with that increased strength comes a complexity and richness of flavor that is sure to astound and delight.
H. Upmann Banker
Ralph also enjoys The H. Upmann Banker, which presents a medium-bodied smoke giving a barnyard taste that is cut by a light chocolate sweetness. Its well-balanced profile and smooth draw make it a favorite among cigar enthusiasts looking for a refined and satisfying experience.
El Rey Del Mundo 
Next up is the El Rey del Mundo, characterized by its medium to full-bodied profile, delivering flavors of spice, chocolate, and cinnamon. Its construction is consistently excellent, providing a smooth and even burn throughout., and it comes wrapped in an oily Connecticut Broadleaf and a gorgeous tissue paper wrap.
La Gloria Cubana Serie R
Last of Ralphs traditional favorites, but certainly not least is The La Gloria Cubana Serie R #5, a stick that offers a full-bodied smoke with bold flavors of sweet woods, floral notes, earth, and just a hint of dried orange peel. Its robust character and rich aroma make it a favorite among seasoned smokers seeking a memorable and intense experience.
Ralph's Blends

But of course, Ralph could not just stop at the cigars he likes. That’s not what led him to open this store and run it successfully for nearly thirty years. He had to craft his own cigars to flavorful, perfectly blended perfection!

He is proud of all the cigars made and sold here at Ralph’s Cigars, but three in particular stand above the rest. The first is a relative newcomer, the product of his decades of experience in the cigar industry- Ralph’s Sweet Tip, a Dominican and Nicaraguan blend with a medium-strength Habano wrapper, and a delicately sweet cap that ensures a mellow taste to smooth the natural spice for an inexpensive everyday smoke that proves his expertise. 

For the first time ever, Ralph is speaking out about a cigar that he absolutely loves- that he loved so much, quite frankly, he did not want to even sell it! Cue Ralph’s Secret Stash, a fantastically mellow Connecticut Shade with a creamy, naturally sweet taste that is as subdued as it is secret. It will leave just a hint of honey on the tongue, and is a great smoke for beginners and experts alike. It isn’t meant to be a bold and brash cigar- it’s meant to be a secret.

And of course, how could he (or we) forget about his famous line of Cognac Infused Cigars? There are too many to count, from the Black Cherry to the Chocolate Mint- so today we’re gonna showcase just one: the Coconut Coffee Cognac, available in a variety of sizes but always the same great taste. With a taste as strong and rich as the name suggests, made from the same Dominican blend as all the rest, it is the perfect cigar to sit down and pair with a rich latte, a dark beer, or a simple glass of your favorite whiskey. 

No matter what you like to smoke, Ralph has probably tried it, and has a plethora of opinions on it. Whether his palate speaks to you, or you simply want to get out of your comfort zone, come down to Ralph’s Cigars for National Cigar Day (Feb. 27) and smoke some of Ralph’s favorites. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll smoke one with the man himself.


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