What We're Smoking: March Madness Cigars

Now that we are in the full swing of March Madness, you can expect the NCAA to be playing on at least one of our TV’s whenever possible. If you get the chance, come on down to watch the game with us. Here’s what we’ll be smoking- perhaps we can share a stick with you. 

The Flathead Resonator is a bold and robust cigar, a new showing by CAO. With an oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and spicy, complex binder and fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, its intense flavor is matched only by its impressive size. Expect full-bodied notes of espresso, leather, and dark chocolate, all in a 8x60 cigar. Joey intends to light up as they start the first quarter for a smoke that he can enjoy till the final second. 

For a milder stick, try the Knuckle Buster Shade from Punch. Kelly’s choice for March Madness, its Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper gives a creamy texture, with hints of cedar and spice for a smooth, nuanced cigar. Its Dominican filler tobacco is bound in an Indonesian leaf for a pleasant, even burn. This stick packs a mild punch that she can smoke again and again for every single game- though we may have enough left over for anyone with a keen eye and discerning palate.  

For another dark and complex cigar, pick up the Serie S by La Gloria Cubana. It is wrapped in a Mexican San Andres leaf, bound in an earthy Nicaraguan Jalapa, and filled with tobacco from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. It is a spicy, earthy smoke with flavorful notes of hazelnut and cocoa that can be found in our Classics Pack. Devin’s pick for March Madness, it’s a cigar just as exciting as a final four game, with the same explosive finish. 

Crafted by renowned blender Henderson Ventura for his company AdVentura, the Piece of Heart showcases its Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and Dominican binder and fillers for a delightful smoke that donates a portion of every sale to a fund for children in the Dominican Republic. Its intricate flavor profile includes notes of wood, spice and sweet cocoa in a medium body that provides a relaxing and easy-going smoking experience. Korey’s got a heart of gold himself, and the palate of an auteur- that’s why he’s grabbing a pack of these spicy sweet sticks to smoke over the next two weeks. 

A staple of the cigar world, Gran Habano's are known for the quality and price. The G.A.R. delivers an astounding amount of flavor with that same notable price-point- you can expect notes of leather, peppers, and coffee beans with a spicy finish. This is courtesy of an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over an earthy core of Nicaraguan long-fillers. Though Maddy tends to spend her time upstairs now, dealing with the hard and fast business of Ralph’s Cigars, you can bet she’ll be smoking one of these flavorful sticks with an eye on the Fighting Illini. 

Peter and Jackson both chose the same cigar- a fitting pair for a fitting pairing. Romeo Y Julieta is a well-known, well-regarded brand with a veritable horde of delicious and flavorful sticks. But their collaboration with AJ Fernandez, another esteemed brand known for their partnerships, takes that flavor and profile to a whole other level. The cigar features a Habano maduro wrapper, with a Nicaraguan filler and binder. Its medium to full body gives notes of pepper, leather, and cocoa, for a depth and complexity that is sure to captivate the senses. Peter prefers the belicoso size (which can be found in our delicious Classics Pack), leaving the Churchill for Jackson, though both come wrapped in a cedar stick for an easy, flavorful light that works together while they watch NCAA teams face off. 

Caleb plans to smoke the Mi Amor, a deep, rich cigar from La Aroma de Cuba renowned for its exquisite taste and excellent craftsmanship. It comes wrapped in an almost black Mexican San Andrés wrapper, bound and filled with Nicaraguan leaf, and the full-bodied flavor of dark chocolate, espresso, and spice. It’s semi-sweet finish is reminiscent of a hard-won game.

With March Madness all too quickly sweeping past, there are only so many options to sit down for the game with a nice smoke and a good drink. Whatever team you root for, there is a cigar to celebrate the win, or to mollify a loss. Whichever you need, you can find it here at Ralph’s Cigars. Pick up a bundle, like our Classic 5-Pack, and sit back with some friends to watch the game. 

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