Made for Spring- Floral Notes

Experiencing floral notes in a cigar can come down to care and subtlety. Floral notes means it's reminiscent of flowers. But when it comes down to it, there is not a ton of similarity between, say, lavender and peach flowers. So how can they all fall under the same generalization? Much like leather, cedar, and earth, floral notes are more about the sensation or smell rather than the actual taste. But unlike the former, which are three of the most prominent ‘tasting’ notes, floral is not nearly as common. With that sensation can come varying levels of specificity- perhaps you can discern that one cigar has a note of roses, or orange bud- its that sensation of floral notes that drives the palate. Pushing to be able to discern evermore specific notes will give a deeper, more full smoking experience, but usually noticing the generalities comes first. 

Now, just because these notes come from the scent, rather than initial taste doesn’t make them any less valuable or important to the cigar. The act of tasting is a combination of sensations from your nose, mouth, and throat- and in fact, the vast majority of your taste experience comes from what you smell. It’s why so many cigar enthusiasts retro hale, forcing smoke out through the nasal cavity to truly experience all the subtle notes the stick has to offer. 

If you are looking for some great floral forward cigars, we have a fantastic selection for you here at Ralph’s Cigars. While it tends to be a supplemental note, there are a few sticks that push it to the forefront for a series of cigars that are perfect for the spring.

First up are the Acids, both Kuba Kuba and the Blondie. While it may be cheating to include a flavored cigar, these sticks use over a hundred specially selected herbs, botanicals, and essential oils to create floral powerhouses. The Kuba Kuba especially is a deliciously potent smoke, with a floral scent that can be smelled through the cellophane. It avoids the chemical smell and taste that can sometimes be found in other flavored cigars, but has a fresh, candy floral aroma. While its main tasting notes are honey, spice, and that floral hint, it’s well balanced with earth and wood to cut the sweetness. 

The Kintsugi by Alec & Bradley is probably my personal favorite representation of floral notes in a natural cigar. They use it expertly as a background to a flavorful mix of white pepper, milk chocolate, and a toasted grain note. Toss in a woodsy earthiness and a hint of saffron to back against the floral notes and it’s a recipe for greatness. The Honduran Habano keeps the spice light but present, and its Honduran and Nicaraguan Binder and Filler maintain the flavor for the whole smoke. 

Those aren’t the only smokes with great floral presence though. Herrera Esteli Habano by Drew Estate, Joya de Nicaragua Antaño, and the CAO Brazilia are also fantastic representations of the profile. I also really enjoy La Gloria Cubana Serie R and Rocky Patel Vintage 1990- but remember that those floral notes tend to be a subtle background to the other more forward flavors found in the stick, and depending on the blend and variety of flavors two floral cigars can be drastically different from one another. As you develop and expand your palate look for the depth that subtle florality can provide- just as you would look for the depth from an earthy cigar or subtle spiciness. 

Just remember- the hotter the cigar, the more burnt out the flavor, and the harder it will be to taste all the subtleties it has to offer. So slow and steady is just as much advice for the cigar smoker as it is for the tortoise. Take your time, find a good pairing that will bring out the flavor, not suppress it, and enjoy a floral cigar just in time for spring with all of us here at Ralphs.

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