Cigars 101: Aging Cigars

Cigars, akin to fine wine, undergo a transformative journey with time. Aging cigars is an art, enriching their flavors, aroma, and overall smoking experience. This process demands patience, attentiveness, and a touch of serendipity, but it's entirely possible to age your cigars at home on a reasonable budget.

Understanding Cigar Aging

Cigar aging entails storing cigars for an extended period, typically spanning several years. This process fosters fermentation and mellows the tobacco leaves, refining the cigar's taste and aroma. As oils and flavors mature, the smoking experience becomes smoother and more gratifying.

Why Age Premium Cigars

Cigar tobacco continually evolves and ferments over time, resulting in improved and complex flavor profiles. They can boast improved burn, nuanced flavors, and reduced harshness. As you decide on whether to age or not, remember that cigars with larger ring gauges, due to greater tobacco volume, allow for a longer aging.

Duration of Aging

Premium cigars, while they are often aged before sale, continue to mature post-purchase. Aging periods vary based on factors like blend, storage conditions, and personal preference. While some cigars excel after several years, others are best enjoyed fresh or aged briefly- so remember that aging is not always the solution.

While age doesn't inherently denote quality, aged cigars generally offer a refined, complex smoking experience. Some cigars reach peak flavor after a few years of aging, enhancing their overall experience.

Proper Storage for Aged Cigars

Ideal storage involves a cool, dark, and dry environment, away from sunlight and temperature fluctuations. Humidity control is crucial- while a level of 70 degrees and 70% humidity is ideal for short term storage, for aging a cigar consider going a bit lower, with a temperature in the low to mid 60s. Minimize humidor openings, rotate cigars occasionally, and monitor conditions to ensure optimal aging. You should never fill your humidor past 80%, to leave room for proper airflow. 

Aging a Box of Cigars

Aging cigars in their box aids humidity regulation and uniform aging, enhancing their value over time. Proper storage, including temperature and humidity control, is paramount. Rotating cigars regularly within the box promotes consistent aging and prevents mold growth. Avoid over-aging, as cigars may plateau in flavor or deteriorate over time.

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