Cao Fasa Sol

Spring is a time for renewal, and we take that seriously here at Ralph’s Cigars. That’s why we have a whole new haul of cigars that we are really excited about. A new batch of Asylum 867’s, Sancho Panza’s, Macanudos- but I’ve always had a soft spot for CAO, and as such I was really excited for their new line of Fasa cigars. We have the Noche and the Sol in two different sizes, so today I grabbed the Sol in a Toro and lit it up with a dry cedar stick and a cup of coffee. 

I was able to smoke the Noche earlier and thought it was fantastic, so it's great to try its opposite. 

On the cold draw I got notes of cinnamon and spice, and the Honduran Olancho San Agustin wrapper gave it a mild sweetness. It’s a dark brown color with a seamless wrap.

Lighting up I got notes of that cinnamon, but it was mostly covered up by a heavy touch of spice and roasted almonds. I see why this is the Sol to the Connecticut wrapped Noche. It’s bright and summery and already I would reach for it again on some warm afternoon on my balcony. The toro smokes pretty quickly, and as I get through the first third the sharp pepper-spice has lessened somewhat, and it seems to be just a touch under a true medium. While the pepper has abated, there is a variety of spice that steps in. The cinnamon is back, with some baking slices making an appearance, but so far the blend is near seamless, and there's a transition of flavor that is so smooth it's almost unnoticeable. 

The Fasa Sol has a Cameroon binder, which is probably a source of that spice, as well as the subtly leather mouth-feel. The body isn’t so full, but combined with the flavor and strength it all comes together for a great medium that never feels too heavy.

In the second third a toast flavor begins to creep in and the strength increases towards a medium-full. The fillers are a combo of mostly Nicaraguan tobacco, with a bit of Dominican Piloto Cubano that adds a touch of creaminess I find appealing. It pairs well with the coffee, though by now it's a bit late in the day, so I finish it off and switch to pineapple juice- though I’ll be the first to admit it doesn’t pair quite as well. Still tasty though.

The final third is definitely medium-full, but I don’t feel any nicotine high- in my opinion, the worst part of smoking cigars.The toast has come in full swing, a great transition that keeps a touch of cinnamon and mild sweetness. Like someone made french toast but tried to pretend it was healthy. 

Overall this is a great budget smoke, with quality that can’t be beat at only eight dollars a stick. I think it's a wonderful addition to Ralphs- we can never have too many CAO’s. Come on down and grab one! I think it would be a great daily smoke addition to any humidor.

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