Candela Cigars

As we ride the rather choppy wave from winter into spring, pick up a perfect march cigar- whether it's to keep St. Patrick’s Day alive a few weeks longer, or to celebrate that natural floral scent that permeates the air all about us, a Candela wrapper oozes freshness, and a naturally sweet, earthy taste that has us here at Ralph’s scrambling for more. Cigars rolled with a Candela wrapper have an instantly recognizable green color, easy to distinguish from the traditional brown or black. Its signature taste and color comes from being harvested and dried before the tobacco leaves are fully matured to lock in the natural chlorophyll content. At Ralph’s, we have collated up the best of the Candela world for a 3-Pack of cigars at an excellent price, with a taste that will turn you into a fanatic, just like us. 

The Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Candela is a fantastic representation of the Candela wrapper, and the fresh, spring-infused flavor it provides. Lighting up the mild, green stick gives you a creamy, woodsy taste, with a touch of natural sugar cane sweetness. The cedar gives it a touch of spice for a complexity and depth that progresses through the entire smoke, with a clean burn that draws well all the way through. 

The ACID Blondie Candela is an expertly crafted cigar that guarantees a smooth draw and a thick, flavorful smoke. While it is similar to the original Kuba Kuba, though tamer, it offers a variation of flavor including sweet hints of fruit and nuts and a deep herbal taste. What really cinches the experience is the pleasant, mellow sweetness offered by the fresh Candela wrapper. 

Ralph’s new Candela Sweet Tip holds its own against the world of Candela cigars. Our cigar is characterized by a complex, floral flavor akin to green tea, with cedar and just a hint of pepper. It’s rounded off by a delicious, natural sweet tip for a tasty smoke that sacrifices none of the natural flavor or smell. 

Whether you have been a die-hard Candela fan for years, or never even smelled its deliciously unique aroma, any of these mild, sweet cigars are sure to satisfy. Come down to Ralphs Cigars and celebrate the advent of spring in a uniquely Ralph’s style with our eventful Candela 3-Pack.


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