Be Inspired in the New Year: Macanudo Inspirado

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The new year gives us a moment to reflect on who we are, who we want to be, and the habits and actions that help or hinder that change. It is easy to fall into a rut in any aspect of your life, and the cigars you smoke are no different. If you are seeking a rush of inspiration in the new year look no further than Ralph’s Macanudo Inspirado 3-Pack Sampler! This series is a favorite of ours here in the shop, with a delightful variety of exotic tobaccos that showcase some of the best leaf the world has to offer. From the Brazilian Arapiraca, a rich and velvety smoke, to the Nicaraguan Ometepe with its spicy and full-body, and the creamy, subtly-spicy Honduran Jamastran, these complex and flavorful cigars are sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

As the first in the Inspirado line, Inspirado Orange had to not only stand on its own, but exemplify the very idea of inspiration. It took that inspiration from Honduras, and the creamy, lightly spiced leaf. With a cutting of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler to provide a fuller smoke, the Honduran wrapper and binder give it a delightful nuttiness that pairs well with a dark brown ale or an aged rum. 

As the line of inspiration grows, it shifts its gaze from the location the tobacco is grown to the environment it is grown in, showcasing how soil and temperature affect exceptional cigars. The Inspirado Red takes its pulse from the rich volcanic soil it is grown in, and the full-bodied, spicy black pepper notes of its Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Its dark fruity taste doesn’t stop with the wrapper, however. Bound by Nicaraguan Jalapa are three incredible, aged tobaccos. The twelve year Nicaraguan Ometepe, ten year Honduran Jamastran, and five year Nicaraguan Jamastran provide a refined juxtaposition to the forward spices of the wrapper, providing a cigar full of intensity and sophistication.

The Inspirado Green is the latest in the line, and as the current culmination of the Inspirado label has taken its inspiration from a combination of equally unique and exotic tobaccos. As you light up, the first notes you will get are from the flavorful Brazilian Arapiraca, a rare leaf that is not only exceptionally smooth but decadently velvety. It is bound by an Indonesian leaf to two other incredibly rare filler tobaccos, the earthy and nutty Colombian Carmey Cubito, and the sweet and peppery Dominican Piloto Cubano. These leaves complement each other perfectly, and come together in a rare pairing for a smoke that is as full of flavor as it is of body.

If you are looking to expand your smoking repertoire, or to explore the wide variety of flavors the world has to offer the Macanudo Inspirado line has just the inspiration for you, and the Ralph’s Inspirado 3-Pack takes three of the best smokes they have and packages them up just for you. So take a trip in this new year, inspired by the shores of Honduras and the mountains of Nicaragua and aged to perfection by Jamaican experts who have been changing the game since the beginning.

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