Around the World with CAO Cigars

The jungles of the Amazon. The mountains of Columbia. The beaches of Brazil and the harsh volcanoes of Nicaragua. Wherever exceptional tobacco is grown, CAO will find it, and go to grow their own. They have gone around the world for the rarest and finest of tobacco, but their heart and soul, like that of tobacco itself, lies in the Americas. Here at Ralph’s, we celebrate their commitment to bringing you a taste of all that cigars have to offer. 

As one of the first cigars to feature Colombian tobacco, CAO Columbia is filled with a combination of Brazilian tobacco and a special Colombian leaf derived from a two hundred year old Cuban seed. This leaf, Ica Mazinga, is grown in a mountainous region isolated deep in the heart of Colombia. It is also the heart of the cigar, with a smooth burn and effortless draw that gives the cigar beautiful notes of toasted nuts. These fillers are bound by a salty Cameroon leaf and wrapped in Honduran Jamastran tobacco that gives the entire cigar a slightly sweet espresso taste and a mild-medium strength. Take your first step out of your comfort zone and adventure into the unexpected with CAO Columbia. 

Our next stop is the cigar that puts Brazilian wrappers on the map. No longer confined to the leaf within the filler, but the star of the show, CAO Brazilia’s lustrous wrapper is aged to perfection and bound to Nicaraguan fillers, creating a savory cigar that is full-bodied and tastes of earth with a floral and nutty quality that burns to a lengthy, luxurious finish. From a country renowned for its beauty, this cigar does not disappoint. 

Our final stop, and most recent guest at Ralph’s, is the CAO Amazon Basin- a cigar with a taste as exotic as the tropical rainforest it originates in. Grown in a remote area of the Amazon Rainforest, the Amazon Basin makes use of a rare tobacco that only grows on organic, unspoiled tropical lands. This leaf, the Bragança, is only harvested once every three years- it is then masterfully blended with tobacco from five different countries, including Colombian and Dominican fillers, bound in a spicy Nicaraguan leaf, and finally wrapped in an earth Ecuadorian Sumatra. All this works together to create a medium to full strength blend that tastes of earth and fruit, for a smoking experience unlike any other.

CAO is dedicated to the art of the cigar, and beyond that the many nations and environments that elevate the act of smoking. They have scoured the world to find the finest tobacco and it shows in each carefully crafted stick, designed to not just get you out of your comfort zone, but to break it completely. Seek adventure, with CAO and Ralph’s Cigars.

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