Irish Whiskey Pairing Pack

As St. Patricks Day draws closer, and the city of Chicago gathers gallons and gallons of green dye to spill across the river, we at Ralphs are gathering some things of our own: smooth Irish whiskey and an even smoother four pack of decadent cigars to pair with it. And while we aren’t selling the whiskey, we are basically giving away the cigars for a steal- $30 for all four!

Irish Whiskey is a classic liquor by itself or in a host of famous cocktails, known for its light, fruity profile with tasting notes of oak, caramel, and vanilla. Pair it with the right cigars, and you'll be transported to the Emerald Isle.

Our Irish Whiskey Pairing Pack features four mild to medium strength cigars with smooth and mellow notes of sweet cedar, vanilla, cream, and toast– further enhanced when paired with your favorite Irish Whiskey! Enjoy two non-infused double wrapped house blends and two Irish whiskey infused blends for a creamy and delicious blend of sweet cigars and peaty, smooth whiskey.

The Double Wrap House Blend comes in a Churchill, with a maduro that burns into a light and smooth natural Connecticut wrapper. With a fully Dominican blend its smooth and mild taste won’t distract or hide the sweet cedar and cream that catches the flavor of your whiskey pair in every puff. 

For a sweeter treat that keeps the delightful variation of the double wrap try the Vanilla Whiskey Infused, also in a Churchill size- though the wrapper is flipped about from Connecticut to maduro for an increase in flavor and strength as you smoke it down to the very nub.

Our Triple Barber Pole takes the variation of the double wrap even further, with three different wrappers from maduro, to habano, to natural all infused with whiskey for a journey that will lead you up and down in strength but never sacrifice its flavor. Its pure Nicaraguan Blend gives it the perfect kick for a spicy-smooth taste of whiskey and toast.  

Finally we have our Barber Pole House-Blend in a perfecto size, for a perfect finish to our Irish Whiskey Pairing Pack. Its swirl of wrapper hides another purely Nicaraguan blend, but its natural taste keeps all the flavor of light cedar and toast that burns into a gentle spice that kicks against your whiskey and hits the roof. 

Whatever you are looking for this St. Patrick's Day, you can find it here at Ralphs. Especially if what you are looking for is a perfectly curated pack of natural and flavored cigars at a ridiculous price, and perhaps even a few friends to smoke them with. Hurry down before this pack goes the way of the Irish snakes and disappears forever!

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