How to Find the Perfect Golfing Cigar

Few activities go together like a few rounds of golf with a premium cigar. Outside in the sun, with your buddies, enjoying a good smoke- it’s hard to think of a better time. When grabbing a smoke (or seven) from Ralph’s before heading out to the green, it’s important to keep in mind a few considerations. 

Golf courses are one of the few remaining public places where enjoying a fine handmade cigar is still acceptable. Aside from cigar lounges like Ralph’s Cigars, it’s hard to think of other public places where cigar smoking is allowed.

As you make your way to the course, ensure that your cigars are secured with proper storage. A cigar case will keep your sticks safe, free of damage, and easily portable. If you plan to bring more than a couple, a travel humidor is your best bet. Not only will they have enough room for everyone's cigars but they are also often airtight, crushproof, and humidified. 

If you plan to bring cigars from home, and not directly from the store, it's important to make sure that your collection is properly stored. A well-maintained humidor is essential, including a consistent relative humidity of 70% and suitable seasoning. 

Since you want to focus on the game, rather than the cigar, you’re better off leaving the rare and expensive cigars at home. Those one-of-a-kind smokes deserve far more attention than you can give during a game. That being said, you want to bring something that you’ll enjoy, and that won’t fall apart in the wind or while you play. A good mid-budget cigar, anywhere from $8 to $20 should be just fine. As for the type of cigar- since you want to be focused on the game, it’s best not to get something too heavy, likely to give you a head rush or nicotine high. Stick with something mild to medium, like the New World Connecticut by AJ Fernandez. Since you’ll be on the course for a while, plan to smoke for some hours. This means grabbing either a bigger vitola like a Churchill, or several smaller cigars to smoke in succession. A longer cigar will last about eight or nine holes, but if you find yourself out of a smoke in the final stretch it would be nice to have another quick smoke to get you across the finish line. 

Whatever, or however many, smokes you decide to get, you can find them with us here at Ralph’s Cigars. So stop by, grab a handful of your favorite cigars, and hit the greenway. And remember, there really is no wrong way to smoke, as long as you enjoy it. 

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