Deadwood Ladies

We love women at Ralph’s Cigars. From the women who run our shop to those who are an irreplaceable part of the cigar industry at every level- those who work in the factories and fields, and those who are pioneering companies at the top. But with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we want to honor those without whom we wouldn’t be here at all. We have a few deals here at Ralph’s for the mothers and caretakers in our lives, but I wanted to point out one in particular. That is a deal on the biggest and baddest ‘women’ in the industry- the ladies of the Deadwood line by Drew Estate.

There are four different cigars in the line, each with the name of a different saucy gal. They were made by Drew Estate in a partnership with the Deadwood Tobacco Company, which takes its name from the legendary South Dakotan town of Deadwood, a historic hub of the gold rush. It all started when owner Vaughn Boyd teamed up with Jonathan Drew to make a unique cigar for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. That cigar was the Sweet Jane, and with only 200 boxes released in its first year (2008) it became an instant success. They sold out at a record pace, and over the past decade and a half production increased, distribution became more widespread, and they expanded to a total of five different cigars, four of which are carried here at Ralph’s Cigars. All of them have unique and intricate bands, a variety of pirate-skull women flaunting themselves between name and logo.

Sweet Jane, the original Deadwood, has a Brazilian Maduro wrapper and Nicaraguan filler, like the rest of the line. And though it has a medium-full profile it does not shy away from its name, with an intricate and balanced creamy sweetness that gives notes of chocolate, dried fruit, and earth. The line as a whole is not infused, like our own Cognac cigars, but rather natural cigars with a sweet tip at the end. Though the background can be hefty, it's got a warm and creamy front that will show you just why it was so popular upon release, and why the line still holds such sway over the sweet tip market. 

Crazy Alice keeps the same dark body, wrapper and all, as Sweet Jane, but instead of the classic parejo, she has the unique figurado shape and tapered head of Drew Estate’s signature “Nasty” size, also found in the Liga Privada Unico Series. Crazy Alice isn’t as sweet as Jane, but she has a fantastic and complex flavor featuring notes of anise, pepper, earth, dried fruit, and a hint of floral tones, all in a slightly fuller strength. It’s a handcrafted stick that only adds to the mystique and allure of the Deadwood line- but the line keeps moving, and Drew Estate keeps innovating. 

Leather Rose is in yet another unique size, with more flavor from its sweet tip- though still just as full and boisterous as a Deadwood lady should be. It comes in a Belicoso, with a slightly tapered tip and a pipe-tobacco aroma. She’s just as delectable as the Sweet Jane, but a bit feistier and spicier. It has strong notes of leather( of course), vanilla, and toffee, for a hearty romp that grows all the way from a fairly mild smoke to something deeper and more intense- we wouldn’t want it any other way. Her wrapper is leathery and dark, and endlessly inviting. All three of these cigars can be found in our Deadwood Ladies pack, for less than thirty dollars, but there is another Lady that gets the 10% off treatment, and is arguably the most famous of her sisters.

Cue Fat Bottom Betty. Her name may draw some eyes, but she has it where it counts. With more traditional, albeit larger, sizes, she is sweet and decadent for an evening dessert or everyday smoke. You can expect to find notes of dried fruit, earth, chocolate, cream, and a classic sweet tobacco, in an extremely aromatic stick. 

Deadwood Tobacco is alluring, outlandish, unconventional- and above all, delicious. A great representation of sweet tip cigars, and the innovation that can still take place in this centuries old industry. They’ll be 10% off in a pack or individual sticks here at Ralph’s, so come on down and try them while you can. Perhaps you’ll find your new daily smoke.

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